Thousands of years ago, at the Shaolin Temple, one of the key meditations/thoughts was ….. “Whatever you think about …. E X P A N D S!”. So this is the thought for the day, week, or life if you take it the way it should be.

Without going into the dimensional multiverse I will keep this rather simple. One of the belief structures out there is that the 4th dimension is an instant effect. For example: if you think about an apple in your hand, you instantly have an apple in your hand. Basically, you think about the apple and it immediately appears.

Now in the 3rd dimension (where most of us live … hehehe) a very similar phenomenon happens … it just takes more … time (time …. yeah another discussion for later). So if you focus on success and you work your thought process toward achieving that success, a shift happens that pushes the universe in the most subtle of ways toward making success happen. If you think about all the things you have lost then you will continue to lose. If you think about hurt, then you feel hurt. If you focus on sadness, then you will have sadness.

Now as soon as you start thinking these things, they are going into effect. How long does it take to achieve its goal? Who knows?? It seems to vary for each and every person.

Now please understand, I am also getting a lot of this knowledge from not only personally experiencing and doing this but I have had numerous patients that I have treated with Chinese Medical Qigong. In Chinese Medical Qigong we look for the root source and often times that root source is what keeps the cycle happening. Our goal in healing people is to deal with that root cause (most times a thought or emotion with a thought that keeps it anchored) and resolve it.

A simple shifting of thoughts and/or shifting of current experiences makes such a world of difference to these patients as I guide them toward a path of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

So I leave you with this exercise: When you wake up in the mornings …. sit up in bed …. take a few moments to bring all thoughts that are negative either from things you know is coming, happened or even the ones in your dreams you just had …. gather them into a ball and use your intent to dissolve this ball of stuff you don’t want or need. Allow the just to dissolve into nothingness or if that is a bit tricky, let the balloon to float up, into the heavens. The heavens know how to deal with such things.

Start your day clean! Start your day with less stress! Then program yourself to think positive thoughts. Expand to your hearts desire but expand well and consciously. . . . and please be aware of what you say to others …. we effect which way they expand too!

What you say causes expansion in others. They are the biggest bomb shells but also the most powerful things for inspiration!

Robert Bombalier

P.S. When you smile, the universe shifts a little!