Achieving the next step

I wanted to take the time to post about something that happened last weekend. Well it did not just happen, I suppose if you want to look at it that way … it happened many years ago when the White Belt was first put on. There is a little something we do special with our achieving individuals, we let them write about their most recent leg of their journey. The experiences on working toward that next step … that next level of achievement.

It is with great pride I introduce what Master Lou Romano had to say and I look forward to hearing these words spoken tomorrow at his celebration brunch.

“Since my last test I’ve set up and teach Shaolin Kempo Karate at a city facility in Fountain Valley. As the head instructor there, I’m responsible for all classes and development of each student. I helped one student, diagnosed as high-functioning autistic, earn his yellow belt after initially thinking that because of his disability he “couldn’t do” martial arts.

Additional accomplishments include, overweight students that lost between 20-30lbs each, a student defending herself in a real life situation by stopping an aggressor with a single front punch to the solar plexus, and teaching my own children the basics of

To say one is a “Master” of anything implies that they have reached a level of skill that only comes after years of work and dedication. However there is great responsibility as well. Like it or not, as Masters, we represent what our martial arts system is to both our students, and general public. If we are lax in our training, it will be seen as not the laziness of one instructor, but how all instructors in Shaolin Kempo Karate train. The same goes for the proficiency of our technique, level of professionalism, and even how we carry ourselves in public. We will be measured by all of the Five Rules. How will we measure up?

As a Master it is not just a matter of a being a better fighter. It is about what one has contributed to the Art itself, and through it, to one’s community. Students should be enriched by the experience of studying the martial arts, and by it learn to become better members of the community.

I look forward to sharing my love of the martial arts, to passing on to others that which I was given. I look forward to teaching a student all that I have to teach, and if we reach a point where I have no more to teach them, then sending them on to another master who can show them more.”

I hope some of these words inspire others that have started a path and not completed that next step, martial arts or otherwise. Never give up on your dreams, keep achieving and if you start to struggle, have your mentor there to see your through to your success.

Robert Bombalier

“Your Imagination is a Preview of Coming Attractions”