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Dr. Robert Bombalier

Dr. Robert Bombalier DTCM, DMQ began his Qigong training in 1987. He trained regularly until late 1999, when he began a much more in-depth journey with Qigong. He is happy to help those in need.


I received this pleasant email in April 2018

Hi Master Bob,
My name is Chris Mead. I’m a student of Master Ken Canestraro, and I asked you about a knee injury at the 11 hands of the Buddha seminar.
I wanted to say thank you for your help and suggestions. I’ve been doing those things (leg extensions, contrast therapy etc) and the pain has decreased significantly, and mobility has improved significantly. I actually got to a point where I had a very targeted pain and went to an orthopedic doctor, had an MRI, and they discovered with their complex technology what you did with a simple touch and ten seconds of concentration: I did indeed have a very minor meniscal tear, something that can (and will) be corrected with an outpatient arthroscopic surgery.
I don’t know how you were able to tell that, but it’s pretty amazing, and I just want to tell you that I’m grateful for, and really appreciate, your guidance.

Best wishes,
Chris Mead